Origin and transport of sedimentary organic matter in the Yalujiang Estuary, North China SCIE SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract The biogeochemistry of organic matter (OM) in a macrotidal estuary, the Yalujiang River, was studied during two cruises: the flood season in August 1994 and the dry season in April 1996. Surface sediments were collected in the riverine zone (RZ), the turbidity maximum zone (TMZ), and the marine zone (MZ). The molecular distribution of the n-alkanes and fatty acid series and bulk sediment characteristics, such as C:N and delta(13)C, were used to assess differences in OM source and transport from the river upstream to the marine end member. Higher C: N values typical for terrestrial sources were observed at the upper reach for both seasons. The delta(13)C of OM in surface sediments varied from -27.3parts per thousand to -21.6parts per thousand in the flood season and from -26.8parts per thousand to -23.1parts per thousand in the dry season. The concentrations of n-alkanes varied between 0.3-21.4 mug g(-1) and the variation of fatty acids. was 4.8-32.9 mug g(-1). The data showed mixing of terrestrial and autochthonous OM in the middle and lower reaches. The distribution of lipids (n-alkanes and Carbon Preference Index) encountered in this study confirmed the importance of terrestrial OM in the sediment samples from degraded soil material. The distribution of fatty acids suggested important phytoplankton, zooplankton, and microbial signals (short-chain and unsaturated acids; less than or equal to C-20). Branched fatty acids, such as the iso- and anteiso-C-15 and C-17 compounds, reflect bacterial contributions. All samples were characterized by a high proportion of mixture inputs in both seasons. A slight decreasing trend was observed with increasing salinity except for the highest percentage of mixed fatty acids in the TMZ of the flood season. Terrestrial fatty acids were approximately 20% in the flood season and 27-46% in the dry season. Differences in hydrological conditions and primary production between the TMZ, RZ, and MZ resulted in different OM distributions, which are reflected in the sources and degree of diagenesis of the sedimentary OM. Seasonal variation may be strongly influenced by hydrological characteristics rather than primary productivity and anthropogenic activities in the Yalujiang region. -
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