Prospects for building a legal system for marine environment protection in China SCOPUS KCI

Prospects for building a legal system for marine environment protection in China
Yang, H.C.; Park, S.W.; Park, S.J.; Kwon, S.-J.
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Yang, Hee Cheol(양희철)Park, Seong Wook(박성욱)Kwon, Suk Jae(권석재)
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Marine environment is subject serious destruction because of frequent accidents during exploration of marine resources and overseas transport. Also, as many industrial enterprises discharge high volume of wastes and contamination, marine pollution has become a serious threat to people (especially in China). China is quickly becoming a world economic leader of the 21st century. Rapid industrialization and social changes have raised the standard of living of millions of the Chinese, mainly in the areas of East and South East coast. The process of industrialization, however, is often followed by deterioration of the marine environment and rarely turned around until a country has increased its standard of living. Solving these array of problems will take decades and currently the government is addressing minor specific issues only. Fortunately, the Chinese government has enacted a number of marine pollution control laws. On 25 December 1999, the 13tb Session of the Ninth Standing Commettee of the National People's Congress passed the amended the Marine Environment Protection Law of the People's Republic of China. This Law establishes rights and responsibilities of the relevant departments concerning marine environment management and provides for two new chapters on Marine Environment Supervision and Marine Ecological Protection, along with Supervision of Pollution Prevention for Marine Construction Projects, Marine Ecological Protection and Marine Environment Pollution Prevention for Marine Construction Projects. Also, the Law was amended with provisions for integrated pollution discharge control system and oil spillage emergency response plan and enhanced legal responsibilities. Chinese government recognizes that international and national experience can be useftil for China to prevent further ecological degradation of the marine environment.
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Ocean and Polar Research, v.30, no.1, pp.89 - 107, 2008
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
action plan; coastal protection; coastal zone management; environmental legislation; legal system; marine environment; marine policy; pollution control; Asia; Bohai Sea; China; Eurasia; Far East; Pacific Ocean; Yellow Sea
Blue sea action plan for Bohai Sea; Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea; Marine environmental protection; Marine environmental protection law
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Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
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Law of the Sea,Marine Policy,해양법,해양정책

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