Ocean Law Research Department

Ocean Law Research Department해양법연구부

The Ocean Law & Legal Regime Research Section is dedicated to domestic and foreign ocean laws and regulations, legal regimes, and policy research, marine environmental policy research, fishery legal regime research, South and North Korea maritime cooperation research, ocean information analysis, and provides the government with support and assistance on domestic maritime issues.

해양법·제도연구실은 국내외 해양법제도와 정책 연구, 해양환경 정책 연구, 해양공간관리 정책 연구, 수산법제 연구, 남북한 해양협력 연구, 해양정보 분석 연구와 국내 해양 현안에 대한 정부 지원을 담당하고 있다.


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