A framework for improving the Marine Spatial Data System in the Republic of Korea

A framework for improving the Marine Spatial Data System in the Republic of Korea
Kim, Jinkyung; Lee, SangIl
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The main objective of this paper is to : (1) analyze and compare the present Marine Spatial Data(MSD) system in the Republic of Korea(ROK) with those of other countries, (2) identify the legal vacuum of the Act on Marine Spatial Planning(MSP) and Management, (3) propose a solid legal framework for the MSD system. By exploring some key significant points in the MSD system, the paper revealed a lack of a comprehensive framework for managing MSD in the current system. To effectively support the MSP, the study concludes that the Act should provide a legal basis for securing implementation. Preparing standardized guidelines is essential to combine distributed marine space information into an integrated one. In addition, amending ambiguous clauses of the implementation of MSP is crucial. This research illustrates how the advanced framework of the MSD system can be applied to ROK in two ways: (1) by establishing an executive MSP organization to provide guidelines concerning MSD for related organizations, (2) by connecting administration such as licensing with this MSD system’s scenarios. This advanced system shall increase not only the public’s cyclical participation in the MSP processes utilizing open API but also public acceptability thereby improving the transparency of decision-making based on scientific data and shall decrease social conflicts on sea use.
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The 20th Anniversary Asia Navigation Conference 2022 (ANC 2022), 2022
Japan Institute of Navigation
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