DNA 바코드를 이용한 국내 유통되는 참돔 회의 종판별

DNA 바코드를 이용한 국내 유통되는 참돔 회의 종판별
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Species identification of raw fish fillet of asserted as Pagrus major in the market using the DNA barcode
정다금; 이윤호
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Lee, Youn Ho(이윤호)
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Pagrus major is commercially important fish species in Korea. It enjoys high consumer preference and a high price compared to other fishes. Since the morphological characters distinguishing species apart are no longer detectable in the processed fish products, consumers might sometimes get deceived of the species and pay more than the reasonable price. In the present study, we identified the species of raw fish fillet of asserted a read sea bream (Pagrus major) in the market to examine whether the fillet products were labelled correctly or not in terms of the species. 22 samples of raw fish fillet asserted a Pagrus major were obtained from fish markets and restaurants in October, 2009. Three specimens from each sample were analyzed for the DNA barcode, the mtDNA COI sequences. About 700bp region of the COI gene was amplified with the a pair of oligonucleotide primers. RajaCOIF and RajaCOIR1. The PCR product was purified and sequenced in both directions.10 out of 22 samples analyzed turned out to be wrongly labelled in term of the species. The raw fish fillet of asserted a red sea bream were from not only P. major but also from Scienops ocellatus, Seriola lalandi, Trachinotus ovatus, Mugil cephalus and Oreochromis sp.. The results suggest that it is necessary for the market players to establish DNA barcode-based-labelling of the species for fair trade of raw fish fillet products.
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2010년 한국어류학회 춘계 학술발표대회 논문요약집, pp.80, 2010
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