Velocity Estimation of Moving Targets on the Sea Surface by Azimuth Differentials of Simulated-SAR Image KCI

Velocity Estimation of Moving Targets on the Sea Surface by Azimuth Differentials of Simulated-SAR Image
양찬수; 김윤섭; Kazuo Ouchi
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Yang, Chan Su(양찬수)
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Since the change in Doppler centroid according to moving targets brings alteration to the phase in azimuth differential signals of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, one can measure the velocity of the moving targets using this effect. In this study, we will investigate theoretically measuring the velocity of an object from azimuth differential signals by using range compressed data which is the interim outcome of treatment from the simulated SAR raw data of moving targets on the background of sea clutter. Also, it will provide evaluation for the elements that affect the estimation error of velocity from a single SAR sensor. By making RADARSAT-1 simulated image as a specific case, the research includes comparisons for the means of velocity measurement classified by the directions of movement in the four following cases. 1. A case of a single target without currents, 2. A case of a single target with tidal currents of 0.5 m/s, 1 m/s, and 3 m/s,3. A case of two targets on a same azimuth line moving in a same direction and velocity, 4. A case of a single target contiguous to land where radar backscatter is strong.
As a result, when two moving targets exist in SAR image outside the range of approximately 256 pixels,the velocity of the object can be measured with high accuracy. However, when other moving targets exist in the range of approximately 128 pixels or when the target was contiguous to the land of strong backscatter coefficient (NRCS: normalized radar cross section), the estimated velocity was in error by 10% at the maximum. This is because in the process of assuming the target’s location, an error occurs due to the differential signals affected by other scatterers.
Bibliographic Citation
대한원격탐사학회지, v.26, no.3, pp.297 - 304, 2010
Velocity estimation; Moving target; Sea clutter; Simulated-SAR image
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Satellite Oceanography,Marine Safety & Security,Remote Sensing,위성해양학,해양 안전 및 보안,원격탐사

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