Moving Ship에 의한 액체CO2 용해희석방식의 경제적 타당성 분석

Moving Ship에 의한 액체CO2 용해희석방식의 경제적 타당성 분석
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Economic feasibility study of liquid CO2 injection by Moving Ship
오위영; 박세헌; 권석재
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Park, Se Hun(박세헌)Kwon, Suk Jae(권석재)
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The CO2 storage in geologic and oceanic reservoirs is considered to be one of the carbon management strategies for responding to global climate change. Ocean carbon sequestration is purposeful storage acceleration into the ocean of large amounts of carbon that would accumulate in the atmosphere and naturally enter the ocean over a longer time span. Some technologies for CO2 ocean sequestrations have been developed as a nation project. However, CO2 ocean sequestrations are attractive because they have the advantages of vast capacity sequestration, far away from industrialized area, and easier monitoring whereas less economic advantage has been indicated as one of the key barrier compared with CO2 geosphere sequestrations which byproduct is produced. In this paper, a conceptual design for CO2 ocean sequestration is introduced, and the preliminary examination is described. As the result, the CO2 price, US$ 24/t shows far away from the economics. The causes come from the expensive CO2 recovery cost and the low CO2 price. Expensive CO2 recovery cost is because electricity and water are consumed too much. In order to look for an economic balance point for CO2 ocean sequestration, NPV=0, it is increased the CO2 price. Finally 62.2$ per ton is found as the balance price.
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2006년 한국해양과학기술협의회 공동학술대회, pp.419 - 433, 2006
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Economics Analysis of the Ocean Science and Technology,Marine Industry Policy,해양과학기술 경제성 분석,해양산업정책

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