GOCI data processing and distribution service

GOCI data processing and distribution service
양찬수; 배상수; 한희정; 조성익; 안유환
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Yang, Chan Su(양찬수)Cho, Seong Ick(조성익)
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organization for Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI), was established at KORDI (Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute) in December 2008. In this report, we will introduce the data fl ow from receiving to delivering GOCI data and provide a userfriendly introduction to GOCI data policy to the general public which is based on the offi cial data policy established and approved by MLTM and MEST.For a stable distribution service of GOCI data, various systems were installed as follows: GDAS, IMPS, GDPS, DMS, and GDDS. GOCI Data Acquisition System (GDAS) receives the GOCI raw data from satellite with L-band. Image Pre-Processing System (IMPS)produces Level 0, Level 1A, Level 1B data from GOCI raw data. GOCI Data Processing System (GDPS) produces Level 2 and LRIT,Radiometric Calibration Gain Matrix from IMPS output data. Data Management System (DMS) manages unifi ed data archive in KOSC.Total Monitoring Control System (TMC) monitors the status of all systems in KOSC. GOCI Data Distribution System (GDDS) distributes GOCI data to users through EDES and KOSC website. External Data Exchange System (EDES) is developed for the data exchange amongKORDI, KARI, KMA for the purpose of LRIT distribution and sharing GOCI browser image.KOSC distributes the GOCI data 8 times to user at 1-hour intervals during the daytime in near-real time according to the distribution policy. GOCI data will be distributed data after Level 1B data. And users must register at KOSC website for GOCI data Download.Finally, we introduce the KOSC website for users to search, request and download GOCI data.
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SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing 2010, pp.7861-09, 2010
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Development of Ocean Satellites and Data Analytics,해양위성 및 영상분석 실용화 기술 개발

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