Metagenomic characterization of viral communities in Goseong Bay, Korea

Metagenomic characterization of viral communities in Goseong Bay, Korea
박소윤; 황진익; 이택견
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Lee, Taek Kyun(이택견)
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In this study, seawater samples were collected from Goseong Bay, Korea in March 2014 and viral populations were examined by metagenomics assembly. Enrichment of marine viral particles using FeCl3 followed by next-generation sequencing produced numerous sequences. De novo assembly and BLAST search showed that most of obtained contigs were unknown sequences and only 0.74% sequences were associated with known viruses. As a result, 138 viruses, including bacteriophages (87%), viruses infecting algae and others (13%) were identified. The identified 138 viruses were divided into 11 orders, 14 families, 34 genera, and 133 species. The dominant viruses were Pelagibacter phage HTVC010P and Roseobacter phage SIO1. The viruses infecting algae, including the Ostreococcus species, accounted for 9.4% of total identified viruses. In addition, we identified pathogenic herpes viruses infecting fishes and giant viruses infecting parasitic acanthamoeba species. This is the comprehensive study to reveal the viral populations in the Goseong Bay using metagenomics. The information associated with the marine viral community in Goseong Bay, Korea will be useful for comparative analysis in other marine viral communities.
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International Meeting of the Federation of Korean Microbiological Societies, pp.246, 2016
The Korean Sciety of Virology
The Korean Sciety of Virology
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Marine virus,Marine pathogens,해양바이러스,해양병원체

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