Macrobenthic faunal assemblages on the soft-bottoms around Dokdo in the East Sea, Korea SCOPUS KCI

Macrobenthic faunal assemblages on the soft-bottoms around Dokdo in the East Sea, Korea
Choi, J.-W.; Hyun, S.; Kim, D.; Kim, W.-S.
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Hyun, Sangmin(현상민)Kim, Dongsung(김동성)
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The faunal assemblages of macrobenthos and their habitat conditions on the soft-bottoms around Dokdo(Dok Island) was investigated using a box corer and a van Veen grab in Sept. 1999 and May 2000. The sediments in the slope sites were composed of sand particles and those in Ullneung Basin were mud. The sediments in the shelf sites were in the range of fine to medium sand. The organic content of the slope sediments was in the range of 1 to 2%. The macrobenthos occurred at the slope sites represented by 15 faunal groups belonging to 8 phyla, and the major faunal group was polychaetous annelids. They comprised ca. 80.6% in slope sites, and 84.8% in shelf sites. Dominant species in the slope were Exogone verugera (40.9%), Cossura longocirrata (8.4%), Tharyx sp. (6.6%), Scalibregma inflatum (4.9%), Aedicira sp. (4.7%), Aricidea ramosa (3.8%), and Sigambra tentaculata (3.7%). Dominant species in the shelf were Chone sp. (49.3%), Tharyx sp. (18.4%), Ophelina acuminata (6.7%), Chaetozone setosa (3.8%), Glycera sp. (2.6%), and Aedicira sp. (2.4%). The mean densities of macrobenthos in the slope and shelf area were 2,028 ind./m2 and 456 ind./m2, respectively. The trophic composition of benthic polychaete worms in the slope area was different from that in shallow shelf area: surface deposit feeding worms were most abundant in slope area whereas filter feeding worms in shelf area. According to the cluster analysis and MDS plots, the spatial distribution of macrobenthos in Dokdo slope region was related with the sediment properties such as particle size and organic content. In the case of vertical distribution of macrobenthos in slope sites, most faunas concentrated in the upper sediment layer within 2 cm depth.
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Ocean and Polar Research, v.24, no.4, pp.429 - 442, 2002
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
Dokdo; East Sea; Macrobenthos; Organic content in sediment; Polychaetes; Slope
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Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
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Biophysiological ecology,Meiobenthology,해양생물 생리생태학,중형저서생물학

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