Distribution pattern of the green alga Codium fragile (Suringar) Hariot, 1889 in its native range, Korea SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract The examination of native habitats of newly introduced species is one of the factors that can provide information for predicting and preventing invasion success. In this study, we investigated the distribution patterns of a green macroalga, Codium fragile, in its native range in Korea. There were two distinct patterns for Codium spp. within their native habitat. In undisturbed communities, Codium species were members of the understory assemblage below the dominant canopy species. In disturbed habitats where native algae have been harvested for food, the activity created major gaps in the community structure where opportunistic algae expanded their abundance within the community. Codium fragile not only becomes a dominant canopy species in disturbed habitats, but it also colonizes new habitats such as fouling communities. Thus, the distribution patterns of Codium fragile in its native range suggests that it has the capability of taking advantage of disturbed habitats, which may help to explain why it has been such a successful invader in other regions of the world. One interesting finding was the lack of specialized sacoglossan herbivores associated with the Korean populations studied while such herbivores do feed on introduced populations in other regions, and may limit their distribution at some locations. © 2006 The Author(s). -
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