Transgressive Geochemical Records in the East China Sea: A Perspective with Holocene Paleoceanography KCI

Transgressive Geochemical Records in the East China Sea: A Perspective with Holocene Paleoceanography
현상민; 임동일; 유해수
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Hyun, Sangmin(현상민)Lim, Dhongil(임동일)
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Geochemical and sedimentological analyses of sediment piston core were used to trace paleoceanographic environmental changes in the East China Sea. The analytical results revealed three lithostratigraphic units (I, II, and III) corresponding to a highstand stage, a transgressive stage, and a lowstand stage, respectively. Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) 14C dated the boundaries between the units as 7 ka and II ka. That is, Unit I extended from the present to 7 ka, Unit II occupied a transitional episode from 7 to 11 ka, and Unit III was older than 11 ka. The transitional episode was characterized by sudden fluctuations in various geochemical proxies. Most strikingly, there was a gradual upward increase in both carbonate and total organic carbon (TOe) contents post-7 ka, during which time the δl3C values of organic material increased to a constant value. The gradual upward increase in the TOC and CaCO3 contents in Unit I were accompanied by slight variations in grain size that probably reflect a stable modern oceanographic environment. Within Unit II (7 to 11 ka), the geochemical signals were characterized by abrupt and steep fluctuations, typical of a transgressive stage. Vertical mixing may have provoked an increase in productivity during this interval, with large amounts of terrigenous organic matter and/or freshwater being supplied by neighboring rivers. The geochemical signals remained stable throughout Unit III but exhibited different patterns than signals in Unit I. The high terrigenous organic matter content of Unit III suggests correspondence to a lowstand stage.
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자원환경지질, v.39, no.1, pp.53 - 61, 2006
East China Sea; paleoceanography; geochemical records; glacial and interglacial periods
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Marine environmentology,Marine environmentology,Organic chemistry,해양환경학,화학해양학,유기화학

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