The Seagoing Scientist's Toolbox: Integrated Methods for Quality Control of Marine Geophysical Data at Sea SCIE SCOPUS

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The Seagoing Scientist's Toolbox: Integrated Methods for Quality Control of Marine Geophysical Data at Sea
Hamilton M.; Wessel P.; Luis J.; Taylor B.; Ko Y.
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Ko, Youngtak(고영탁)
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We announce a new and integrated system for planning and executing marine geophysical surveys and for scrutinizing and visualizing incoming shipboard data. The system incorporates free software designed for use by scientists and shipboard operators and pertains to underway geophysics and multibeam sonar surveys. Regarding underway data, a crucial first step in the approach is to reduce and merge incoming center beam depth, gravity, and towed magnetic data with navigation, then reformat to the standard exchange format. We are then able to apply established quality control methods including along-track and cross-track analyses to identify error sources and to incrementally build the candidate archive file as new data are acquired. Regarding multibeam data, these are subjected to both an automated error removal scheme for quick visualization and to subsequent ping editing in detail. The candidate archive file and sonar data are automatically and periodically updated and adapted for display in Google Earth, wherein survey planning is also carried out. Data layers are also updated automatically in Google Earth, allowing scientists to focus on visual inspection and interpretation of incoming data. By visualizing underway and sonar data together with reference gravity, magnetic, and bathymetry grids in Google Earth, data familiarity is enhanced and the likelihood of noticing extreme errors increased. We hope scientists will embrace these techniques so that each data set being submitted to a data repository is vetted by the seagoing science party. ©2019. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved.
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Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v.20, no.11, pp.5415 - 5424, 2019
Blackwell Publishing Ltd
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Blackwell Publishing Ltd
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marine geophysics,deep-sea minerals,해양지구물리,심해저광물자원

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