Changes in marine environment by a large coastal development of the Saemangeum Reclamation Project in Korea SCOPUS KCI

Changes in marine environment by a large coastal development of the Saemangeum Reclamation Project in Korea
Lie, H.-J.; Cho, C.-H.; Lee, S.; Kim, E.-S.; Koo, B.J.; Noh, J.H.
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Cho, Cheol Ho(조철호)Lee, Seok(이석)Koo, Bon Joo(구본주)Noh, Jae Hoon(노재훈)
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The word 'Saemangeum' indicates an estuarine tidal flat in the southwestern part of the Korean peninsula. The Saemangeum Reclamation Project was launched as a national project in 1991 to reclaim a large coastal area of 401 km2 by constructing a 33-km long dyke. The final dyke enclosure in April 2006 has transformed the tidal flat into lake and land. An integrated oceanographic study has been conducted since 2002 as a part of the Government Action Plan to monitor and assess changes in the marine environment. Prior to the dyke enclosure, the coastal environment in the Saemangeum was a complex system governed by tidal motion, estuarine processes, and coastal circulation of the Yellow Sea. The dyke construction has radically changed not only the estuarine tidal system inside the dyke, but also the coastal marine environment outside the dyke. Post to the dyke enclosure, subsequent changes such as red tide, hypoxia, and coastal erosion/deposition occur successively. Red tides appear almost the year round in the inner area. Even under the condition that the sluice gates are fully open, the water quality does not improve as much as the developers would expect, mainly due to the critical reduction of the hydrodynamic stirring power. We will introduce details of our monitoring program and significant changes in the Saemangeum marine environment, based on observations and model results.
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Ocean and Polar Research, v.30, no.4, pp.475 - 784, 2008
coastal development; coastal zone; environmental change; environmental monitoring; estuarine environment; hypoxia; marine environment; red tide; tidal flat; water quality; Asia; Eurasia; Far East; Korea; North Cholla; Saemangeum; South Korea
Dyke; Hypoxia; Marine environemt; Reclamation; Saemangeum
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Tidal dynamics,Water circulation,Marine Environment,조석 역학,해양순환,해양환경

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