Development for assessment of risks arising from the wastes based considering in-water hull cleaning systems

Development for assessment of risks arising from the wastes based considering in-water hull cleaning systems
Kang, Jung Hoon; Hyun, Bonggil; Kim, Moon Koo; Jung, Jee Hyun; Jang, Min Chul; Shin, Kyoung Soon
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Kang, Jung Hoon(강정훈)Hyun, Bonggil(현봉길)Kim, Moon Koo(김문구)Jung, Jee Hyun(정지현)Jang, Min Chul(장민철)Shin, Kyoung Soon(신경순)
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강정훈; 현봉길; 김문구; 정지현; 장민철; 신경순
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Vessel fouling, a well-known pathway for the introduction and subsequent spread of marine nonindigenous species (NIS), has potential risks of biosecurity and chemical contaminants when vessel in-water cleaning is applied to reduce hull fouling and improve vessel operating efficiency. There remain uncertain risks in the un-recovered effluent release from vessel in-water cleaning, consisting of reactive in-water cleaning and capture (RICC) with post-treatment system. RICC can cause large quantities of uncaptured effluent release into recipient waters during cleaning operation of equipment having a variety of performance efficacy. However, cumulative release of specific biocides and
fouling associated with vessels were not assured for now as a result of shortage of information which could be generated from the released effluent into the recipient waters during cleaning. In this regard, areas expecting frequent in-water cleaning of vessels should be managed in terms of identification, regrowth possibility of propagules and marine pathogen of foreign species as well as environmental risks of toxic substances including metals and booster biocides in dislodged wastes. This viewpoint can contribute to develop management practices for controlling marine NIS through vessel fouling in line with the guideline of International Maritime Organization.
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2022년도 한국해양과학기술협의회 공동학술대회 (한국해양학회), pp.107, 2022
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