Occurrence of modern planktonic foraminiferal species and their seasonal variations around Jeju Island, Korea SCOPUS KCI

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dc.description.abstract To investigate the occurrence of modern living planktonic foraminiferal species and their seasonal variations around Jeju Island, we conducted planktonic foraminiferal sampling at KIOST's regular sampling sites during 16 months. In total seven genus and 16 modern planktonic foraminiferal species were identified with six dominant species. Dominant species were Gloigerinoides sacculifer, Globigerinoides ruber, Globigerina bulloides, Noegloboquadrina dutertrei, Pulleniatina obliquiloculata, and Globorotalia inflata. Most of the species were characterized as being typical subtropical species and showed seasonal variations and/or intermittent occurrence from season to season. The occurrence of living foraminifera revealed a strong relationship with water temperature, but not with salinity. Species succession seems to occur along with water temperature changes. Some patch distribution and water temperature dependences appear to be significant since there is a high degree of variation in the occurrence patterns of species and standing stock. More detailed quantitative study is necessary to confirm the species diversity and seasonal variations of planktonic foraminifera and related ocean environmental changes. -
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