Effects of vertical mixing scheme on upper ocean simulation of the East Sea

Effects of vertical mixing scheme on upper ocean simulation of the East Sea
장찬주; 노의근; 김철호; 이종찬
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Jang, Chan Joo(장찬주)
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This study investigates effects of four different parameterizations of vertical mixing on the East Sea circulation, focusing on the seasonal variations of the sea surface temperature (SST) and mixed layer depth (MLD). The considered vertical mixing schemes are Laplacian scheme (L scheme), Pacanowski- Phillander scheme (PP scheme), Mellor-Yamada scheme (MY scheme), and a new scheme (Noh et al. 2002) (NEW scheme). The New scheme, a second-order turbulence closure, was developed considering recent observational evidences such as the enhancement of turbulent kinetic energy near the sea surface (Noh and Kim 1999). Model simulations using GFDL MOM1.1 were started from the rest with horizontally-uniform density field, and integrated for 50 years with in-out flows and monthly-mean climatology of Haney-type heat flux and wind stress. The model sea surface salinity was restored to a monthly climatology with a 10-day timescale. During summer L scheme underestimates the SST, while PP and MY schemes overestimate the SST, compared to climatological SST. NEW scheme produces the SST close to climatological SST. During winter all schemes overestimate the SST up to 4℃ compared to climatological SST. Vertical profiles of the basin-mean temperature show that L scheme produces higher temperature below the thermocline than those of other schemes. The MLD simulated from L scheme is rather large during winter compared to that from other schemes, but the differences in MLD during summer are not significant.
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Proceedings of Korea-US Workshop on coastal ocean prediction and forecasting for the Korea Strait and the East (Japan) Sea, pp.66, 2002
Chungnam National Univ., KORDI
Chungnam National Univ., KORDI
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upper ocean dynamics,regional climate modeling,ocean climate change,해양상층역학,지역기후모델링,해양기후변화

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