Landsat TM과 SeaWiFS 영상으로부터 해색정보 획득을 위한 대기 path radiance 추출

Landsat TM과 SeaWiFS 영상으로부터 해색정보 획득을 위한 대기 path radiance 추출
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Extraction of the atmospheric path radiance in relation to retrieval of ocean color information from the TM and SeaWiFS imageries
안유환; Shanmugam
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The ocean signal that reaches the detector of an imaging system after multiple interactions with the atmospheric molecules and aerosols was retrieved from the total signal recorded at the top of the atmosphere (TOA). A simple method referred to as “Path Extraction” applied to the Landsat-TM ocean imagery of turbid coastal water was compared with the conventional dark-pixel subtraction technique. The shape of the path-extracted water-leaving radiance spectrum resembled the radiance spectrum measured in-situ. The path-extraction was also extended to the SeaWiFS ocean color imagery and compared with the standard SeaWiFS atmospheric correction algorithm, which relays on the assumption of zero water leaving radiance at the two NIR wavebands (765 and 865nm). The path-extracted water-leaving radiance was good agreement with the measured radiance spectrum. In contrast, the standard SeaWiFS atmospheric correction algorithm led to essential underestimation of the water-leaving radiance in the blue-green part of the spectrum. The reason is that the assumption of zero water-leaving radiance at 765 and 865nm fails due to backscattering by suspended mineral particles. Therefore, the near infrared channels 765 and 865nm used for deriving the aerosol information are no longer valid for turbid coastal waters. The path-extraction is identified as a simple and efficient method of extracting the path radiance introduced largely due to light interaction through the complex atmosphere carried several aerosol and gaseous components and at the air-sea interface.
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2004 GIS/RS 공동춘계학술대회, pp.241 - 246, 2004
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