GOCI/COMS 자료처리시스템 개발

GOCI/COMS 자료처리시스템 개발
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Development of GOCI/COMS data processing system
안유환; Shanmugam; 한희정; 유주형
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Ryu, Joo Hyung(유주형)
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The first Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) onboard its Communication Ocean and Meteorological Satellite (COMS) is scheduled for launch in 2008. GOCI includes the eight visible-to-near-infrared (NIR) bands, 0.5km pixel resolution, and a coverage region of 2500  2500km centered at 36N and 130E. GOCI has had the scope of its objectives broadened to understand the role of the oceans and ocean productivity in the climate system, biogeochemical variables, geological and biological response to physical dynamics and to detect and monitor toxic algal blooms of notable extension through observations of ocean color. The special feature with GOCI is that like MODIS, MERIS and GLI, it will include the band triplets 660-680-745 for the measurements of sun-induced chlorophyll-a fluorescence signal from the ocean. The GOCI will provide SeaWiFS quality observations with frequencies of image acquisition 8 times during daytime and 2 times during nighttime. With all the above features, GOCI is considered to be a remote sensing tool with great potential to contribute to better understanding of coastal oceanic ecosystem dynamics and processes by addressing environmental features in a multidisciplinary way. To achieve the objectives of the GOCI mission, we develop the GOCI Data Processing System (GDPS) which integrates all necessary basic and advanced techniques to process the GOCI data and deliver the desired biological and geophysical products to its user community. Several useful ocean parameters estimated by in-water and other optical algorithms included in the GDPS will be used for monitoring the ocean environment of Korea and neighbouring countries and input into the models for climate change prediction.
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ISRS2006PORSEC, pp.90 - 93, 2006
The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
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Coastal Remote Sensing,RS based Marine Surveillance System,GOCI Series Operation,연안 원격탐사,원격탐사기반 해양감시,천리안해양관측위성 운영

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