Environmental study using AVS, SEM in surface sediments of Masan Bay, Korea.

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dc.description.abstract AVS (acid volatile sulfide) and SEM (simultaneously extracted metals) of the sediments are used to assessment for benthic environmental changes, sediment quality criteria, sediment toxicity and bioavailability of heavy metals. This study was conducted to provide information concerning the heavy metal concentration, the content of AVS and SEM (Pb, Cd, Zn, Ni and Cu) in 15 surface sediments collected from near the wastewater discharging area of Masan Bay, Korea. The content of AVS of surface sediment samples shows wide range of variation and well matched with the content of organic carbon. Also, relatively strong correlation between the content of SEM and AVS are recognized suggesting that strong association is recognized among the content of organic matter,AVS contents, and metal concentration of AVS. In general, the ratio of AVS/SEM of interstitial water indicates some criteria of sediment toxicity. In our study, the ratios of AVS/SEM in interstitial water show less than 1 suggesting non toxic. Metal concentration in bulk sediment, SEM in AVS and interstitial water around the wastewater discharging point showed distinctive decreasing pattern along with the distance suggesting the flow pattern of pollutant materials. -
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dc.title Environmental study using AVS, SEM in surface sediments of Masan Bay, Korea. -
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