The oxidative responsive genes of Agarum cribrosum

The oxidative responsive genes of Agarum cribrosum
우선옥; 김정하; 염승식
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Yum, Seung Shic(염승식)
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Macroalgae is an important primary producer in coastal region and the diversity and health status of macroalgae population can be a significant indicator for marine ecosystem. Specifically seaweed forest consisted of macro brown algae (kelp) shows the similar function of land forest and provides spawning spot, refuge place as well as habitat for various marine organisms. So far the studies on these important population focused on screening of bioactive compounds or food content analyses and especially their genetic studies stay the discovery of classification markers such as microsatellite DNA sequence and 16S or 18S ribosomal RNA gene. Agarum cribrosum (Laminariaceae, Laminariales) distributes in northern part of Japan, Sakhalin, northern Pacific, Bering Sea, pacific coastal region in American and mid and northern parts of the East Sea in Korea. It has round shape of leaf and many holes on the leaf. In this study, we aimed to clone oxidative stress responsive genes from Agarum cribrosum and investigate their expression changes against environmental stresses, avoiding the main studies of Agarum cribrosum on life cycle, lab culture condition and bioactive compounds extraction. Gene expression is changed by exterior environmental changes. Specially detecting of oxidative stress responsive genes mRNA produced by gene expression and their amount affecting biological responses of individual as well as the conditions of cells can provide a clue for monitoring the health status of ecosystem consisted of an important species as a habitat.
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XIXth International Seaweed Symposium, pp.204, 2007
The Japanese Society of Marine Biotechnology
The Japanese Society of Marine Biotechnology
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Marine Genomics,Environmental Genomics,Novel biomaterials,해양생물유전체,생태환경유전체,바이오신소재

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