Fish endocrine impact analysis based on Generalized Linear Model (GLM)

Fish endocrine impact analysis based on Generalized Linear Model (GLM)
정지현; R.F. Addsion; 한창희; 심원준
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Jung, Jee Hyun(정지현)Shim, Won Joon(심원준)
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Masan Bay is one of industrialized coastal areas in the southern part of Korea which receives a wide range of industrial and sewage discharges from three large cities and wastes from shipping activity. High concentrations of organic pollutants and heavy metals have been recorded in Masan Bay. However, a little is known regarding the biological effects of those pollution on marine organisms in the bay. In this study, the seasonal variation of two \\\\'biomarkers\\\\', cytochrome P-450 1A (CYP1A) induction and acetyl- and butyryl-cholinesterase (AChE and BChE respectively) inhibition in wild marbled sole (Limanda yokohomae) from \\\\'reference\\\\' and contaminated sites was investigated. We also analyze based on the generalized linear model (GLM) dependence of the enzyme activity on sampling area and as well as biological parameters of the fish. Statistically significant differences in the activities of measured biomarkers were observed between the reference and contaminated sites. The results of this study suggest that the Masan Bay have significant impact on enzyme activity of native fish. Therefore, the use of these GLM each responding to different contaminants, provides a more comprehensive picture of the effects of contamination in Masan Bay.
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5th ICOMPE, pp.119, 2007
City of Hongkong University
City of Hongkong University
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Microplastic pollution,Persistent Organic Pollutants,Oil Pollution,미세플라스틱 오염,잔류성 유기오염물질,유류오염

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