Japanese Medaka cDNA Microarray를 이용한 바다송사리의 벤조피렌 노출에 대한 유전자 발현

Japanese Medaka cDNA Microarray를 이용한 바다송사리의 벤조피렌 노출에 대한 유전자 발현
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Screening of Benzo[a]pyrene Responsive Genes in Marine Medaka Using Japanese Medaka cDNA Microarray
염승식; 우선옥; 김민경; 이택견
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Yum, Seung Shic(염승식)Lee, Taek Kyun(이택견)
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DNA microarry technology provides powerful tools for the genome-wide correlation of gene transcript levels with physiological responses and environmental changes, including global warming and anthropogenic pollution. Gene expression changes are sensitive indicator of such environmental stressors as ecotoxicogenomic view point. Aquatic system is most important environment for living organisms. Therefore, monitoring the changes of water system by pollution and assessing the harmful chemicals’ risks are essential for understanding environmental health. Recently, marine medaka, Oryzias javanicus, distributed in coastal environments around the Indonesian Islands and the Malay Peninsula, have been identified as being capable of surviving in freshwater. O. javanicus shares the same advantages as the laboratory animal Japanese medaka, O. latipes, in terms of its small size, ease of culture in the laboratory, frequent spawning of transparent eggs, and relatively short generation span. Moreover, genomic information in terms of gene transfer and gene knockout techniques is available, as well as physiological and histological tools and data, for Japanese medaka. Thus, the seawater and freshwater adaptable Javanese species may represent a new phase for toxicity assessment in aquatic environments. As the first step for test fish establishment, comparative toxicogenomic analyses after Benzo[a]pyrene exposure between O. javanicus and O. latipes were carried out using Japanese medaka cDNA microarray. The gene expression profile differences and/or similarities between two species in liver will be discussed in detail.
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생물과학협회 정기학술대회, pp.263, 2007
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Marine virus,Marine pathogens,해양바이러스,해양병원체

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