Y형 유공벽을 갖는 케이슨식 해수교환방파제의 수리모형실험

Y형 유공벽을 갖는 케이슨식 해수교환방파제의 수리모형실험
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Hydraulic Characteristics of Seawater Exchange Caisson Breakwaters with Y-shaped Perforated Walls
오상호; 박우선; 이오진
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Park, Woo Sun(박우선)
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The results of experimental investigation for the hydraulic characteristics of the seawater exchange caisson breakwater with Y-shaped perforated walls are presented. Laboratory experiments were carried out in a wave flume for regular and irregular waves of different wave heights and periods by changing two kinds of the caisson geometry, the chamber with and the screen height of the perforated wall. The wave reflection became minimum when B/Lc0.1 regardless of the chamber width, contrary to the results of conventional caisson breakwater, B/Lc0.2. The reason of such difference was ascribed to the difference in the thickness of the perforated front wall, which implies that the most efficient frequency for dissipating wave energy can be controlled by adjusting the thickness of the perforated wall. The seawater intake volume was maximized when the screen height was located at the mean water level. In this condition, the effects of the chamber width to the characteristics of seawater intake were insignificant. It was also found that the normalized mean net inflow velocity has a linear relationship with the reflection and transmission coefficients for irregular waves.
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Asian and Pacific Coasts 2007, pp.1500 - 1514, 2007
Chinese Ocean Engineering Society
Chinese Ocean Engineering Society
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Development of harbor structures,Analysis of harbor structures,Design of harbor structures,항만구조물개발,항만구조물해석,항만구조물설계

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