Geostationary Ocean Color Imagery(GOCI)를 위한 클로로필 알고리즘 개발

Geostationary Ocean Color Imagery(GOCI)를 위한 클로로필 알고리즘 개발
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Development of chlorophyll algorithm for Geostationary Ocean Color Imagery(GOCI)
민지은; 문정언; Shanmugam; 유주형; 안유환
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Moon, Jeong Eon(문정언)Ryu, Joo Hyung(유주형)
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Chlorophyll concentration is an important factor for physical oceanography as well as biological oceanography. For these necessity many oceanographic researchers have been investigated it for a long time. But investigation using vessel is very inefficient, on the other hands, ocean color remote sensing is a powerful means to get fine-scale (spatial and temporal scale) measurements of chlorophyll concentration. Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI), for ocean color sensor, loaded on COMS (Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite), will be launched on late 2008 in Korea. According to the necessity of algorithm for GOCI, we developed chlorophyll algorithm for GOCI in this study. There are two types of chlorophyll algorithms. One is an empirical algorithm using band ratio, and the other one is a fluorescence-based algorithms. To develop GOCI chlorophyll algorithm empirically we used bands centered at 412 nm, 443 nm and 555 nm for the DOM absorption, chlorophyll maximum absorption and for absorption of suspended solid material respectively. For the fluorescence-based algorithm we analyzed in-situ remote sensing reflectance (Rrs) data using baseline method. Fluorescence Line Height (ΔFlu) calculated from Rrs at bands centered on 681 nm and 688 nm, and ΔFlu(area) are used for development of algorithm. As a result ΔFlu(area) method leads the best fitting for squared correlation coefficient (R2).
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ISRS2007, pp.1 - 4, 2007
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Coastal Remote Sensing,RS based Marine Surveillance System,GOCI Series Operation,연안 원격탐사,원격탐사기반 해양감시,천리안해양관측위성 운영

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