HAZUS 결정론적 방법과 시나리오 지진을 적용한 한반도 남동지역 지진 피해산출 연구

HAZUS 결정론적 방법과 시나리오 지진을 적용한 한반도 남동지역 지진 피해산출 연구
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Loss estimation in southeast Korea from a scenario earthquake using the deterministic method in HAZUS
강수영; 김광희; 석봉출; 유해수
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distances from the source, geology, local soil conditions, and others. It is necessary to develop an attenuation relationship with careful considerations of characteristics of the target area for reliable seismic hazard/risk assessments. In the study, observed ground motions from the January 2007 magnitude 4.9 Odaesan earthquake and the events occurring in the Gyeongsang provinces are compared with the previously proposed ground attenuation relationships in the Korean Peninsula to select most appropriate one. In the meantime, a few strong ground motion attenuation relationships are proposed and introduced in HAZUS, which have been designed for the Western United States and the Central and Eastern United States. The selected relationship from the ones for the Korean Peninsula has been compared with attenuation relationships available in HAZUS. Then, the attenuation relation for the Western United States proposed by Sadigh et al. (1997) for the Site Class B has been selected for this study. Reliability of the assessment will be improved by using an appropriate attenuation relation. It has been used for the earthquake loss estimation of the Gyeongju area located in southeast Korea using the deterministic method in HAZUS with a scenario earthquake (M=6.7). Our preliminary estimates show 15.6% damage of houses, shelter needs for about three thousands residents, and 75 life losses in the study area for the scenario events occurring at 2 A.M. Approximately 96% of hospitals will be in normal operation in 24 hours from the proposed event. Losses related to houses will be more than 114 million US dollars. for loss estimation in Korea will help decision makers for planning disaster responses and hazard mitigation
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American Geophysical Union 2007 Fall Meeting, pp.S11A-0, 2007
American Geophysical Union
American Geophysical Union
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