NOAA 인공위성자료와 합성인공위성자료의 비교 분석

NOAA 인공위성자료와 합성인공위성자료의 비교 분석
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Comparison of the Sea Surface Temperature from NOAA/AVHRR Data and Merging Data (AVHRR, MODIS,AMSR-E)
윤석; 유주형; 안유환; 원중선
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Yoon, Suk(윤석)Ryu, Joo Hyung(유주형)
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Global warming has significant effect on the sea surface temperature. Sea surface temperature is an important parameter for the quantitative studies of monitoring the Earth's environment changes. Determination of sea surface temperature from satellite data has been the main focus in oceanographic research and thus needs high accuracy in its retrievals. The general methods usually rely on the infrared channels of AVHRR to estimate the sea surface temperature. However, application of these methods is questionable in the presence of clouds. Recently, the NGSST method has been developed for processing AVHRR and MODIS images. New methods are needed to overcome such limitations under complex atmospheric conditions.In this paper, we focus on the comparison and analysis of sea surface temperature from NOAA/AVHRR Data and from merged data (Tohoku University, Japan). The study area is around the East Sea which is the marginal sea adjoining the North pacific through the Korean strait in south, and through the Tsugaru, Soya and Tartar Straits in north of the sea. The Ease Sea is covered by an area of 1.008×106㎢ and a mean depth of 1684m which is wider and deeper than the Yellow Sea (KORDI). We collected cloud free NOAA/AVHRR images from 1 January 2006 to 31 December in the East Sea and found some match-up NGSST data for the same date.We analysed and compared the relationships and correlation coefficients with in-situ data using for two methods. Future, we expect to develop an optimized method better than the currently existing methods.
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AOGS 2008, pp.175, 2008
Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
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