Hydrothermal Activity and Mineralization in Submarine Volcanoes of the Tonga Arc, Western Pacific

Hydrothermal Activity and Mineralization in Submarine Volcanoes of the Tonga Arc, Western Pacific
김종욱; 박상준; 김현섭; 형기성; 이경용; 문재운
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Kim, Jonguk(김종욱)Pak, Sang Joon(박상준)Kim, Hyun Sub(김현섭)Hyeong, Kiseong(형기성)Moon, Jai Woon(문재운)
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Submarine hydrothermal activity and mineralization related to island arc volcanism along the Tonga arc were explored during two research cruises in October 2009 (KODOS 09H) and February 2010 (KODOS 10H), respectively. In KODOS 09H cruise, geophysical survey, including multi-beam bathymetry, marine seismic and magnetic investigations, was performed on 10 volcanoes to find out possible structural discontinuity that can act as fluid pathway for formation of hydrothermal deposits at submarine caldera system. The result provided acoustic and seismic image maps and magnetic anomaly maps of targeted volcanoes. Then, detailed seafloor observation and sampling as well as deep tow side scan sonar survey were performed in KODOS 10H cruise on 5 volcanoes which are selected as targeted areas from the previous cruise. Among 5 targeted volcanoes, TA26 shows most extensive hydrothermal activity. Hydrothermal vents and alteration zone were observed on western caldera and summit of eastern cone of the TA26. Although only weak hydrothermal alteration was observed on eastern cone, mineralized fragments of chimney and mound were sampled from western wall of central caldera on TA25 volcano. On TA12 volcano, strong hydrothermal plume and alteration zone was detected during video tows operated between SW scoria cone and small ridge. However, only small amount of hydrothermal altered rocks were collected from TA12. Although hydrothermal activity and mineralization might be formed, supported by plume detection and result of geophysical survey, only weak alteration zones were observed on other two volcanoes (TA19 and TA22). The exploration area generally show shallow depth up to several tens of meters on summit where subsurface boiling of hydrothermal fluid might occur due to low hydraulic pressure, which can affect on styles of hydrothermal venting and mineralization process observed on Tonga submarine arc volcanoes.
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39th Underwater Mining Institute, 2010
International Marine MIneral Society
International Marine MIneral Society
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Deep seabed exploration,Geochemistry,심해저자원탐사,지화학

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