NOAA/GFDL 결합모델에서 북태평양중층수의 형성

NOAA/GFDL 결합모델에서 북태평양중층수의 형성
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Formation of North Pacific Intermediate Water from two NOAA/GFDL Coupled Climate models, CM2G and CM2M
박영규; 김철호; 이호진
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Park, Young Gyu(박영규)
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Two NOAA/GFDL coupled climate models are compared while focusing on the North Pacific Intermediate Water, which is a salinity minimum layer known to form at the Okhotsk Sea at least in part. The two coupled models, CM2G and CM2M, share the same components except the oceans, which are an isopycnal model GOLD in CM2G, and MOM4 in CM2M. Both models produce salinity minimum layers and able to reproduce North Pacific Intermediate Waters. Their properties, however, are rather different. The density and salinity of the intermediate water from CM2G is comparable to that of the observed ones, but those from CM2M are saltier and heavier. In CM2M the low salinity water originates from western part of the Kamchatka Sea and flows anticyclonically along the boundary of the Kamchatka Peninsula. The water, however, is located too deep and cannot flow into the Okhotsk Sea. Instead it flows southward along the eastern edge of the Kuril Islands to join the Kuroshio Oyashio extension. The water then penetrates below the subtropical model water while moving eastward. In CM2G, the salinity minimum layer starts from the Okhotsk Sea to flow southward along the east coast of Sakhalin. The water is located at a shallow level so it could flow southward through the Kuril Islands until encountering the Kuroshio Oyashio extension. While flowing eastward along the extension the water is mixed with the Kuroshio water
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26th International Symposium on Okhotsk Sea Sea Ice, pp.175 - 178, 2011
The okhotsk sea & cold ocean Research Association
The okhotsk sea & cold ocean Research Association
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ocean circulation,ocean mixing,marine debris,해양순환,해양혼합,해양부유물

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