Biogeochemical significance of Asian aerosol deposition in the southern East Sea (Sea of Japan)

Biogeochemical significance of Asian aerosol deposition in the southern East Sea (Sea of Japan)
강정원; 최만식; 이창복; 정갑식; 우한준
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Kang, Jeong Won(강정원)Jeong, Kap Sik(정갑식)Woo, Han Jun(우한준)
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We presented results from the atmospheric investigation for metals and ions in the southern East Sea (35°-39°N and 129°-134°E), a marginal sea between Korea and Japan. Five-year observations (Oct. 2003-Oct. 2008) at Ulleung Island revealed that seasonal change of the atmospheric concentration and chemical composition was related to relative intensity of crustal and anthropogenic-originated aerosols. Atmospheric metal fluxes to the southern East Sea showed that Al and Co fluxes were similar to those to the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, anthropogenic-originated Pb and Zn fluxes were comparable to those over the North Sea.In addition, we investigated the transport patterns of aerosols on the east coast of Korea (37.58°N; 129.11°E) using backward trajectories and the associated concentrations of water-soluble ions (NO3-, NH4+ and nss-SO42-) and certain metals (Al, Na, nss-Ca, V, Zn and Pb). Air masses passing slowly over eastern China contributed higher concentrations of water-soluble ions than those fast-moving northwesterly winds. With measured NO3- and NH4+ concentrations during the period Mar. 2002-Feb. 2003, the dry N deposition flux was 460 mg N m-2 year-1. Taking into account wet N deposition flux of 613 mg N m-2 year-1, the atmospheric deposition flux of N over the southern East Sea was higher than that reported for the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea. Contribution of atmospheric N deposition was -10% of new production on an annual scale, while it could account for over -25% of new production during the water column stratification seasons.
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2nd ICES/PICES Conference Oceans of Change, 2012
Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies
Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies
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Coastal Sedimentary Processes,Micropaleontology(Foraminifera and Pollen),Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction,연안퇴적작용,미고생물(유공충 및 화분),고환경 복원

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