Seasonal sedimentary processes of the macrotidal flat in Gomso Bay, west coast of Korea

Seasonal sedimentary processes of the macrotidal flat in Gomso Bay, west coast of Korea
우한준; 강정원; 최종국
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Woo, Han Jun(우한준)Kang, Jeong Won(강정원)Choi, Jong Kuk(최종국)
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The tidal flats on the west coast of Korea have broad zones with gentle slopes and a macrotidal setting with 4 to 10 meters of tidal ranges. They are directly influenced by monsoons and heavily affected by waves in winter and tidal currents in summer. As a result, most western tidal flats show the seasonal changes of sedimentary features comprising sedimentation and/or erosion of sediments. Gomso bay in the mid-west of Korea is a funnel-shaped embayment with a wide entrance to the west. Tides are semidiurnal and macrotidal, with a mean tidal range of 433.8 cm. Digital elevation model (DEM) showed that the landward inner bay had mainly high elevations and the seaward outer bay had relatively low elevations. In particular, there are considerable gradients in the outer bay from area of high-water line to area of low-water line. The sedimentary analysis and monitoring short-term sedimentation rates were investigated to understand seasonal sedimentary processes of tidal flats in Gomso bay. The surface sediments in the bay were classified into five sedimentary facies in spring 2011. Generally, sandy sediments were dominated in the outer bay, whereas sandy mud sediments were distributed on the inner bay. The middle bay mainly consisted of muddy sand sediments. The percentages of sand decreased from outer to inner bay. The short-term sedimentation rates were obtained from three lines by burying a plate at sub-bottom depth and periodically measuring the changing sediment depth from February 2011 to February 2012. In the tidal flat at inner bay (KB- Line), the annual sedimentation rates were ranged -8.87 to 74.69 mm/year with the net deposition rate of 40.90 mm/year. The deposition occurred on KB-Line in spring, autumn and winter. The erosion was dominated on the tidal flats at middle (KH-Line) and outer bay (KM-Line) during autumn and winter with an annual erosion rate of -29.86 mm/year and -9.92 mm/year, respectively. The seasonal variations of sedimentation on these tidal
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2012 AGU Fall Meeting, 2012
AGU 2012
AGU 2012
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Coastal Sedimentary Processes,Micropaleontology(Foraminifera and Pollen),Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction,연안퇴적작용,미고생물(유공충 및 화분),고환경 복원

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