Long-term evaluation of Harmful Algal Bloom’s real time acoustic detection system installed on the buoy

Long-term evaluation of Harmful Algal Bloom’s real time acoustic detection system installed on the buoy
임선호; 강돈혁; 이형빈; 이윤호
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Kang, Don Hyug(강돈혁)Lee, Youn Ho(이윤호)
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The toxic, Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs, called red tide) caused by the Cochlodinium polykrikoides has serious impact annually in coastal waters of Korea and its impact is a tendency to increase in the world ocean. Considering rapidly dispersive speed and massive damage of the species, various methods for real-time detection are absolutely necessary.During the last 3 years, Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology has been developed real-time acoustic detection system, based on the acoustic scattering properties of C. polykrikoides. The acoustic detection system was comprised of mainly two components; (1) detection and process parts, (2) remote control & monitoring parts. Firstly, the detection and process parts were made up transducers (3.5 and 5.0 MHz), pulser/receiver board, signal processor board, control board, network board, power board, GPS, and environmental sensors, respectively. Secondly, remote control & monitoring parts were consisted of data receiver from the system/sending various commands into the system through the wireless network, and display using a developed user application program.After successfully stability evaluation under various conditions (no red-tide and red-tide) in laboratory, we operated and evaluated the two integrated systems to be installed on the buoy system during two months in summer season, Korea. From the results of a long term evaluation, although need to some modifications, the developed acoustic red tide detection system was well worked for a long term and a long distance, and acoustic data for deciding absent/present red tide were good correlated with directly sampling data, especially cell number of C. polykrikoides and other phytoplankton.From this study, the developed real-time acoustic detection system has shown a useful utility to early monitor and manages red tide in the coastal regions. Additionally, the system could be adapted to ship board type or hull-mounted type.
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6th International Conference on Underwater Acoustic for Sustainable Fisheries in Asia, pp.47, 2012
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Marine Molecular Genetics,Marine Ecology and Evolution,해양분자유전,해양생태및진화

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