Fire Resistance Performance of Submerged Floating Tunnel under Various Fire Conditions

Fire Resistance Performance of Submerged Floating Tunnel under Various Fire Conditions
원덕희; 한택희; 한상훈; 박우선
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Won, Deokhee(원덕희)Han, Taek Hee(한택희)Park, Woo Sun(박우선)
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Submerged Floating Tunnels (SFT) were researched by countries had many island as Norway, Italy, China, and Japan. Several sites were examined in China and Norway. Most of them investigated about seismic, dynamic, and collision performance. There are to need various researches more than they are at present for development of safe and economic SFT. Fire resistance performance of the SFT is important one of the various researches. If fire break out in SFT, it is damaged by thermal loads. The damage of the SFT varies by type of fire. Structure of the SFT is able to collapse partially by fire scale and fire exposure time. For this reason, fire resistance design of the SFT must be suggested. Fire resistance performance of SFT could be investigating for fire resistance design of SFT. Fire condition could be expressed fire curves which are suggested by fire scale and fire exposure time. In this paper, temperature distributions of change of strength of SFT were investigated through FE analysis under various fire conditions. There was to apply the heat transfer analysis at FE analysis method. And there was to draw the biggest influence fire condition to the SFT from FE analysis results. Also, preliminary study was performed for fire resistance design.
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7th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts, APAC 2013, pp.843 - 847, 2013
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Development of harbor structures,Analysis of harbor structures,Design of harbor structures,항만구조물개발,항만구조물해석,항만구조물설계

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