Behavior of a Moveable Barrier with a Triangular Shape for Securing Safe Port City Under Wave Overtopping

Behavior of a Moveable Barrier with a Triangular Shape for Securing Safe Port City Under Wave Overtopping
서지혜; 원덕희; 박우선; 이병욱
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Seo, Jihye(서지혜)Won, Deokhee(원덕희)Park, Woo Sun(박우선)
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With the development of a port city, citizens are likely to enjoy various activities around waterfront, which requires facilities to safeguard people against occurrence of coastal disasters. In the case of Busan Port in Korea, which is being reborn as a world-class brand in maritime tourism, and also performs a role as a mega hub of shipping logistics in Northeast Asia by handling 21.5 million TEU in 2018, Abnormal tidal rise or wave overtopping by storm surge can cause hugedamage or casualties at largely-developed port hinterlands or residential amenities. Hence, it is urgent to establish countermeasures to those regions. Particularly, a resilience strategy based on the waterfront space where is most vulnerable to climate change, is required to cope with the abnormal climate beyond the conventional planning. Various barrier design concepts have been suggested to protect property and human life from disasters, they have not been widely applied though. Because they do not satisfy the recent trends that emphasize the surrounding scenery. In this study, we proposed a conceptual design of a moveable barrier with a triangular shape that is installed on a revetment considering technological and social meaning against wave overtopping. That is, it has two main functions, sightseeing and protecting. In case of normal times, it can utilize the barrier plate as an observatory flat deck for sightseeing and secure the right to
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EMI Lyon 2019, pp.193 - 194, 2019
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Development of harbor structures,Analysis of harbor structures,Design of harbor structures,항만구조물개발,항만구조물해석,항만구조물설계

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