Analysis of ocean optical characteristics in the coastal waters of Yeosu in 2017

Analysis of ocean optical characteristics in the coastal waters of Yeosu in 2017
이은경; 문정언; 한태현; 박영제
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Lee, Eun Kyung(이은경)Moon, Jeong Eon(문정언)Han, Tai Hyun(한태현)Park, Young Je(박영제)
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이은경; 문정언; 한태현; 박영제
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Red tide is a marine pollution phenomenon in which algae inhabiting the ocean multiplies in large amounts at a time, discoloring the color of seawater and affecting marine life. It occurs annually over the coastal area, causing direct damage to fishermen. Research of red tide using remote sensing has been studied in various methods (Noh et al., 2018 Choi et al., 2014 Son et al., 2012 Ahn and Shanmugam, 2006 Ahn et al., 2006). However, most of the research focused on insitu data and satellite data analysis, and mainly relied on apparent optical properties (AOPs). The optical properties of seawater are due to complex phenomenon of Inherent optical properties (IOPs) and AOPs caused by seawater particles. Therefore, it is important to understand the optical characteristics of seawater. South Sea of Korea is complex coastal area, frequent red tide in summer. The purpose of this study is to investigate general ocean optical characteristics of Yeosu coast of South Sea during the summer in 2017 without red tide, as a radiance model. IOPs and AOPs (remote sensing reflectance, absorption coefficient, downwelling irradiance, water leaving radiance) will be analyzed. By comparing these ocean optical variables, we will analyze which variables affect red tide in terms of ocean optics. We will also compare the model data with the ship observation data using Water Colour Simulator (WASI) software developed by Peter Gege. Based on this, we will understand absorption characteristics with red tide from data in 2018.
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The 7th Asian/16th Korea-Japan Workshop on Ocean Color, pp.P-06, 2019
Burapha University
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