Structure and vorticity of the current observed across the Western Channel of the Korea Strait in September of 1987-1989 SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract With sectional data obtained in September of 1987, 1988 and 1989 by quadrireciprocal ADCP measurement and CTD cast, the current structure, volume transport and vorticity in the Western Channel of the Korea Strait were studied. The characteristics of Tsushima Current water persisted throughout the summer especially in the homogeneous water of temperature 14-16°C located at the depth of 50-100 m below seasonal thermocline. Thickness and velocity of the homogeneous layer are about 10-70 m and 20-60 cm/s, and the relative vorticity for this layer is shown to be nearly constant and it is smaller than the planetary vorticity. Potential vorticity of 2.70-7.10 x 10-6 m-1s-1 is found to be dependent mainly on planetary rather than on the relative vorticities. The Tsushima Current water represented by the homogeneous layer of 14-16°C may keep the potential vorticity at the area of strong current in the Strait. The ADCP current structure is similar to geostrophic current and the core of the current with the speed of 30-50 cm/s is situated in the middle layer over the deep trough. With large tidal fluctuation the volume transport has mean value of 1.17 sv which was about 40% larger than that of geostrophic calculation. -
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