Sedimentary Excess Barium from a Core of the Northwest Pacific Ocean: Geochemical Proxy KCI OTHER

Sedimentary Excess Barium from a Core of the Northwest Pacific Ocean: Geochemical Proxy
현상민; 석봉출; 박찬홍
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Hyun, Sang Min(현상민)
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A geochemical study on a hemipelagic core sediment taken from the northwest Pacific Ocean (eastern edge of the Shikoku Basin) was conducted to use of excess barium (Ba(ex)) for evaluate the paleoceano-graphic changes. Also, the excursion of sedimentary Ba(ex) was compared with those of biogenic opal, carbonate and organic carbon content in the sediment during the last glacial and interglacial periods. The calculated Ba(ex) derived from the major and minor element shows a distinctive glacial-interglacial variations, and the mass accumulation rate (MAR) of Ba(ex) shows coincident variations with the MARs of biogenic fractions. Especially, strong positive correlation (r 2 =0.8 0.85) between the MAR of Ba(ex) and the MAR of biogenic carbonate is recognized. Based on the strong positive correlation(r 2 =0.8 0.85) between the MAR of Ba(ex) and the MAR of carbonate content, we estimated the degree of carbonate dissolution rate during the glacial and interglacial periods. Assuming the proportional variation and the refractory nature of barium exist between two factors, the variation of index Ca/Ba ratio in sediment indicates the degree of carbonate dissolution. Sedimentary Ca/Ba ratios index clearly show a striking fluctuation between the glacial and interglacial periods with higher positive correlation during glacial and lower correlation during interglacial. This fact indicates enhanced carbonate dissolution during interglacial period. Thus, the sedimentary Ca/Ba ratio in sedimentary records can be used as one of the useful tools for estimation of the relative degree of carbonate dissolution. The excursion of Ba(ex) and the sedimentary Ca/Ba ratio follows the typical pacific carbonate dissolution type(enhanced dissolution during interglacial and reduced dissolution during glacial time) as suggested by previous work (e.g., Wu et al., 1990). Variation in sedimentary Ca/Ba ratio thus strongly supports that glacial-interglacial fluctuation in carbonate dissolution has been prevailed in the northwest Pacific Ocean.
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한국해양학회지, v.35, no.2, pp.098 - 108, 2000
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Marine environmentology,Marine environmentology,Organic chemistry,해양환경학,화학해양학,유기화학

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