Effects of extreme tidal range on characteristics of polychlorinated biphenyl distribution in sediment of industrial Incheon North Harbor, Korea SCIE SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract This study investigated the influence of the high tidal range on the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) levels and the compositional characteristics in the sediments of the North Incheon Harbor basin, Korea. The results indicated that the high tidal range could induce complicated effects on the distribution and the compositional characteristics of PCBs. Significant differences in the total PCB concentration were found between the tidal and subtidal zones. Higher total PCBs in the tidal zone established a total PCB gradient in a transversal direction along the harbor basin. The large tidal range created tidal currents strong enough to grade the sediment particles, establishing a gradient of total PCBs corresponding to an observed sediment particle size along the longitudinal direction of the basin. Heterogeneous congener patterns were observed in some parts of the tidal zone where diverse physicochemical and microbiological conditions ale to be expected. However. tidally driven, active sediment transport promoted spatial homogeneity in the congener pattern. Sedimentation rate of suspended solids appeared to overwhelm any induced heterogeneity in the PCB congener pattern. Consequently, the congener pattern within the harbor basin was fairly uniform and similar to that of a dominant input source. -
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