Tidal Front in the Main Tidal Channel of Kyunggi Bay, Eastern Yellow Sea KCI OTHER

Tidal Front in the Main Tidal Channel of Kyunggi Bay, Eastern Yellow Sea
이흥재; 이석; 조철호; 김철호
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Lee, Seok(이석)Cho, Cheol Ho(조철호)
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The detailed structure of a tidal front and its ebb-to flood variation in the main tidal channel of the Kyunggi Bay in the mid-west coast of Korea were investigated by analyzing CTD data and drifter trajectories collected in late July 1999. A typical tidal front was formed in water about 60 m deep at the mouth of the channel. Isotherms and isohalines in the upper layer above the seasonal pycnocline in the offshore stratified zone inclined upward to the sea surface to form a surface front, while those in the lower layer declined to the bottom front. The location of the front is consistent with 100S3/cm2 of the mixing index H/U defined by Simpson and Hunter (1974), where H is the water depth and U is the amplitude of tidal current. The potential energy anomaly in the frontal zone varied at an ebb-to flood tidal cycle, showing a minimum at slack water after ebb but a maximum at slack water after flood. This ebb-to flood variation in potential energy anomaly is not accounted for by the mixing index. We conclude that on- and offshore displacement of the water column by tidal advection is responsible for the ebb-to-flood variation in the frontal zone.
Bibliographic Citation
Journal of the Korean Society of Oceanography, v.37, no.1, pp.10 - 19, 2002
Tidal front; Mixing index; Potential energy anomaly; Kyunggi Bay; Yellow Sea
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