Comparison of CZCS and SeaWiFS Pigments for Merging the Higher Level Ocean Color Data KCI

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dc.description.abstract Many ocean color sensors are being operated at present and will be continued to operatein the coming years. However, these ocean color sensors have different spectral bands locations andhigher level product algorithms.Thus the continuity of ocean color data from the satellite with different missions will be important formonitoring of oceanographic variation with long term research. In this study, CZCS band and algorithmare compared with OCTS and SeaWiFS algorithm for estimating chlorophyll. Missing bands of OCTSand CZCS for chlorophyll algorithm are estimated by linear-interpolation using SeaWiFS data. We wereable to evaluate the effectiveness of the correction methods using linear interpolation method.Surprisingly, linear interpolation gave a better result than those of other bands. -
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dc.title Comparison of CZCS and SeaWiFS Pigments for Merging the Higher Level Ocean Color Data -
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