Late quaternary sedimentation in the eastern continental margin of the korean peninsula SCOPUS

Late quaternary sedimentation in the eastern continental margin of the korean peninsula
Lee, S.H.; Bahk, J.J.; Chough, S.K.
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Lee, Sang Hoon(이상훈)
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The eastern continental margin of the Korean Peninsula shows complex topography, including Ulleung Basin (UB), South Korea Plateau (SKP), Oki Bank (OB) and Ulleung Interplain Gap (UIG). A detailed analysis of Chirp (2-7 kHz) subbottom profiles and piston cores reveals various sedimentary processes during the last- and post-glacial periods. The extensive mass movements occur along the slopes of the UB, OB and SKP. The dominant mass-flow deposits in Unit II (>~15 ka) suggest frequent slope failures during the last-glacial period. The slope failures in the UB and OB were most likely triggered by the reducing of hydro-static pressure and gashydrate dissolution associated with sea-level lowering. In contrast, mass movements in the SKP, occurring at deeper than 1000 m water depth, were probably generated by earthquakes. The mass flows evolved from mass movements formed debrites and turbidites in the downslope areas. In the upper Unit II, the common association of non-bioturbated muds reflects a poorly oxygenated bottom-water condition by the last-glacial sea-level lowering. Erosion by bottom-currents is indicated by the truncated reflectors of channel walls and muddy or manganiferous contourites in the Ulleung Interplain Channel (UIC) along the UIG. The dominant muddy and manganiferous contourites and rare turbidites in Unit I (<~15 ka) on the UIG and basin plain of the UB reflect intensified bottom currents and infrequent slope failures during the post-glacial period. These conditions have facilitated the formation of a thin, elongate mound of bottom-current drifts on the southeastern UIC flank and the more erosion in the UIC. © 2004 by the American Geophysical Union.
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Geophysical Monograph Series, v.149, pp.205 - 233, 2004
Blackwell Publishing Ltd
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Book Chapter
Blackwell Publishing Ltd
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