Hydroacoustic survey of spatio-temporal distribution of demersal fish aggregations near the west coast of Jeju Island, Korea SCOPUS KCI

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dc.description.abstract This study aims at assessment of spatio-temporal distribution of demersal fish aggregations near the west coast of Jeju Island using hydroacoustic survey. A 200 kHz split beam transducer attached to a small towed body was used for all acoustic investigations. The received acoustic data were in situ acoustic target strength (TS, dB) for all pings and nautical area scattering coefficient (NASC, m2/mile2) for 0.1 mile along 12 acoustic transects. Demersal fish aggregations are distributed around the coastal slope having 20 to 30 m depth throughout all seasons. The concentration is higher during the summer season. With regard spatial distribution, higher demersal fish aggregations have been detected near the West coast of Shinehang and especially near Chagwi-do. Pelagic fish aggregations were higher to the south of Chagwi-do during the spring season. Additionally, standing stock of demersal fish aggregations from the NASC data, TS function, and length-weight function of dominant species was estimated as follows: 3.2 ton (CF 21.8%) in December 2006, 17.9 ton (CV21.6%) in April 2007, 30.8 ton (CV 17.8%) in June 2007, and 22.5 ton (CV24.2%) in October 2007. The application of hydroacoustic methods offers a new approach to understanding spatio-temporal structure and estimate the biomass of demersal fish aggregations in the coastal area. And the results can be made up limitations of qualitative analysis through net and diving for fisheries resources survey in coastal area. -
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