A Study on the antioxidant effect of Jeju plant extracts using lava seawater

A Study on the antioxidant effect of Jeju plant extracts using lava seawater
Park, Areumi; Kang, Na Lae; Lee, Yeon-Ji; Heo, Soo Jin
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Park, Areumi(박아름이)Kang, Na Lae(강나래)Lee, Yeon-Ji(이연지)Heo, Soo Jin(허수진)
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박아름이; 강나래; 이연지; 허수진
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Jeju lava seawater contains high concentration of minerals. In addition, it has an antioxidant and antidiabetic effects that remove free radicals, the cause of aging. In this study, to confirm the efficacy of lava seawater, Jeju carrot, blueberry, and mandarin extracts were manufactured using lava seawater and purified water as solvents, and the antioxidant activity of each extract was comparative analysis. The total polyphenol and flavonoid contents of three extracts were higher in lava seawater than in purified water. In particular, mandarin extract showed the highest content of polyphenol 12.11±0.03 mg GAE/g and flavonoid 108.33±6.45 mg QE/g. The DPPH radical scavenging activity was increased in a concentration-dependent in three extracts, and the carrot extract showed a higher DPPH radical scavenging activity in lava seawater than in purified water. The three extracts showed higher ROS scavenging efficacy in lava seawater than in purified water in Vero cells. As a result of this study, it was confirmed that antioxidant activity was high when Jeju plants were extracted using lava seawater. And lava seawater is considered to have high utility value as a functional food material.
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2022 KoSFoST International Symposium and Annual Meeting, 2022
Korean Society of Food Science and Technology
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