Differential gene expression profiling in iprobenfos-exposed marine medaka by heterologous microarray hybridization SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract Differential gene expression profiling was performed in the hepatic tissue of marine medaka fish (Oryzias javanicus) after exposure to an organophosphorous pesticide (OPP), Iprobenfos (IBP), a widely used pesticide in agri- and fish-culture, by heterologous hybridization using a medaka cDNA microarray. Fifty differentially expressed candidate genes, of which 10 induced and 40 repressed (P<0.01), were identified. The genes were assembled into 19 groups mainly based on Eukaryotic Othologous Groups (KOG) classification. These isolated gene candidates were differentially expressed and therefore have great potential as molecular biomarkers for the identification of environmental stressors. The results obtained in this study will allow future studies to assess the molecular mechanisms of IBP toxicity and the development of a systems biology approach to the stress biology of organophosphorous pesticide. © 2010 The Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science and Springer. -
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dc.title Differential gene expression profiling in iprobenfos-exposed marine medaka by heterologous microarray hybridization -
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