Enhancement of volcanic eruption in mid-ocean ridge during the last deglaciation: New sedimentary evidence in the middle part of Central Indian Ridge SCIE SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract edimentary evidence for enhanced volcanic eruption during the glacial/interglacial transition in the volcanically active mid-ocean ridges is still lacking. Here, we present the sedimentary records of enhanced deglacial volcanic activity in a well-dated sediment core from the middle part of Central Indian Ridge (CIR), which can provide clue for comprehensively understanding of the temporal relation of increase in submarine volcanism relative to glacial/interglacial transition. Notably, the 35-kyr sediment core used in this study contains continuous, discernible pyroclastic deposit layers (0.5–5 cm thick), which are composed mainly of angular and curved fluidal shards with vesicles, possibly suggesting volatile-rich ridge eruptions. High-resolution elemental profiles of the core provide definite records of at least 17 volcanic eruptions during the past 35 kyr. Interestingly, volcanism was sparse during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), but increased significantly during the last deglaciation after ~18 kyr BP. The last deglaciation-associated volcanic eruptions in the CIR may be linked to decompression melting during the LGM sea-level lowstand, reaffirming an influence of sea level variability on global ocean ridge magmatism. Combining the previous results, furthermore, simultaneous strengthening of submarine and subaerial volcanic eruptions during the last deglaciation could have accelerated the rise of atmospheric CO2, with the ensuing warming constituting positive feedback upon deglaciation. -
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dc.title Enhancement of volcanic eruption in mid-ocean ridge during the last deglaciation: New sedimentary evidence in the middle part of Central Indian Ridge -
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