The DNA barcode, molecular characters for Korean Polychaetes.

The DNA barcode, molecular characters for Korean Polychaetes.
김하나; 이유철; 김고은; 신현출; 이윤호
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Lee, Youn Ho(이윤호)
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Polychaetes appear as dominant organisms in many of the coastal marine ecosystems, yet understanding of their taxonomy and genetics is limited. Most of the polychaete species have trouble in identification of their species based on the morphological characters due to their similarity among the species. On the other hand, the molecular markers such as the DNA barcode provide objective characters distinguishing each species apart. In Korea, polychaetes inhabit a variety of habitats in all the coasts. Because the mud flats has been well-developed, polychaetes have a great diversity and abundance. In this study, we present the DNA barcode, the mitochondrial gene, cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) as the molecular characters for Korean Polychaetes in order to establish an objective references for species identification. Polychaetes were collected by grap sampling in the southern sea of Korea, identified morphologically, and imaged digitally. DNA was extracted, PCR amplified, and the standard barcode region was sequenced bidirectionally. A total of 48 individuals belonging to 33 species in 29 genera were analyzed and their identities were affirmed by both morphology and molecular characters. The species include Heteromastus filiformis, Clymenella koreana, Praxillella affinis, Maldane cristata, Scalibregma inflatum, Dorvillea annulata, Ninoe palmate, Arabella iricolor, Diopatra bilobata, Glycera chirori, Glycera subaenea, paralacydonia paradoxa, Nephtys ciliate, Nectoneanthes latipoda, Perinereis nuntia, Perinereis aibuhitensis, Nereis multignatha, Nectoneanthes oxypoda, Anaitides koreana, Genetyllis castanea, Eulaia viridi, Anaitides maculate, Sigambra tentaculata, Lepidonotus tenuisetosus, Chone teres, Poecilochaetus johnsoni, Laonice cirrata, Amaeana trilobata, Loimia medusa, Terebellides horikoshii, Melinna cristata, Aphelochaeta manitaris, Cirriforania tentaculata.
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사단법인 한국해양학회 2012 추계학술박표대회, pp.138, 2012
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