Anthropogenic influences on benthic food web dynamics by interrupted freshwater discharge in a closed Geum River estuary, Korea SCIE SCOPUS

DC Field Value Language Noh, Junsung - Yoon, Seo Joon - Kim, Hosang - Lee, Changkeun - Kwon, Bong-Oh - Lee, Yeonjung - Hong, Seongjin - Kim, Jaeseong - Ryu, Jongseong - Khim, Jong Seong - 2021-03-17T08:24:17Z - 2021-03-17T08:24:17Z - 2021-03-17T08:24:17Z - 2021-03-17T08:24:17Z - 2020-02-04 - 2019-10 -
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dc.description.abstract Stable isotope analysis was used to investigate the benthic food web dynamics in the Geum River estuary where continuous river flow has been blocked by a sea dike over the past 25 years. In order to address the dike effect(s) on distribution of food sources (i.e., organic matters and microphytobenthos) and their utilization by marine predators, a three years monitoring survey (total of 30 surveys) was seasonally conducted at four fixed locations at both inside of dike and outer tidal flats. All the collected biota (total of 19 species;> 1100 individuals and microphytobenthos) and abiotic (n = 118) samples were analyzed for carbon (delta C-13) and nitrogen (delta N-15) stable isotopes. In particular, two dominant marine bivalves inhabiting outer reach of tidal flats, Mactra veneriformis and Cyclina sinensis, were targeted to identify their feeding strategies that being related to a year-round population growth. In general, the stable isotopic signatures of samples indicated dissimilarity in distribution of organic matters between inside and outside of dike, supporting geographical and/or trophic isolation. The taxa-dependent trophic levels are also evidenced in consistent manner, with two to three levels being positioned over the years. Meantime, their dietary contributions varied in time, i.e., seasonal chances in compositions of major food sources (microphytobenthos and particulate organic matters) were observed for two target bivalves. Such temporal variations could be further linked to selective feedings that evidenced by age(size)-dependent and/or tissue specific distributions. Altogether, the present study suggested seasonality, diet preference, and growth dependent food web dynamics in the Geum River estuary. Overall, the present study suggested that the stable isotopic technique could be a powerful tool for characterizing the long-term anthropogenic influences of a sea dike on marine food-web dynamics. -
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dc.title Anthropogenic influences on benthic food web dynamics by interrupted freshwater discharge in a closed Geum River estuary, Korea -
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dc.citation.volume 131 -
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitation ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, v.131 -
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.envint.2019.104981 -
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