Tempo-spatial variations of the Ryukyu Current southeast of Miyakojima Island determined from mooring observations SCIE SCOPUS

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dc.description.abstract The origin, structure, and variability of the Ryukyu Current (RC) have long been debated, mostly due to limited observations. A mooring array, deployed for two years southeast of Miyakojima in the southern portion of the Ryukyu Island chain, has provided, for the first time, data confirming the existence and revealing the characteristics of the RC in that upstream region, including its velocity structure and variability. The observations show a shoreward-intensified current flowing northeastward, with a subsurface core located near the 1,000m isobath and having a record-long mean speed of up to 19.4cms(-1) at 500m depth. Estimated volume transport across the observation section had mean 9.0Sv (1Sv = 10(6) m(3) s(-1)) and standard deviation 8.7Sv. The RC shows significant barotropic character compared with other similar mid-latitude currents. -
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dc.title Tempo-spatial variations of the Ryukyu Current southeast of Miyakojima Island determined from mooring observations -
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