Ocean Science and Tehcnology Policy Research Section

Ocean Science and Tehcnology Policy Research Section해양과학기술정책연구실

The Ocean Science and Technology Policy Research Section is carrying out the establishment of a systematic R&D strategy for securing ocean science and technology capabilities to solve national social issues and the development plan of KIOST. In addition, in order to revitalize ocean science and technology, It is conducting policy research on future market prospects and demand forecasting. Specifically, the Ocean Science and Technology Policy Research Section provides a foundation for industrialization through analyses of market trends, economic feasibility, and national economic effects of ocean science and technology. Moreover, the team also is strengthening policy support to resolve issues in the maritime industry, such as policy researches to facilitate training of experts in marine sector as well as policy researches on marine culture and tourism industries.

국가 사회적 현안문제 해결을 위한 체계적인 해양과학기술 역량 확보 연구개발 전략 및 연구원의 발전전략 수립 업무를 수행하고 있다. 또한 해양과학기술의 활성화를 위해 미래시장 전망 및 수요 예측 등의 정책 수립을 연구하고 있다. 구체적으로 해양과학기술의 시장동향, 경제성, 국민경제에서의 파급효과 분석을 통해 산업화 기반을 마련하고, 해양분야 전문인력 양성, 해양문화·관광산업 등 정책연구를 통해 해양산업에서 정책지원을 강화하고 있다.


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