The effects of organic matter concentration on sediment reworking of Perinereis aibuhitensis : a mesocosm study

The effects of organic matter concentration on sediment reworking of Perinereis aibuhitensis : a mesocosm study
Seo, Jaehwan; Koo, Bon Joo
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Seo, Jaehwan(서재환)Koo, Bon Joo(구본주)
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The organic matter (OM) concentration is one of the most important factors influencing benthic organism sediment reworking during bioturbation. This study was designed to evaluate differences in sediment reworking rate of Perinereis aibuhitensis based on quantification of its pellet production (PP) and OM transport rate from ambient sediment to the surface due to its feeding. The mesocosm experiment was conducted in acrylic container (15×1×20 cm) with two treatments (high OM treatment and low OM treatment) and each treatment had ten replicates. The pellets in each container were removed 2h before the beginning of the pellet collection, and then newly produced pellets were collected every 2 h during 24 h at each treatment. The mean grain size of pellets (5.1 ∅) was smaller than that of ambient sediment particles (5.9 ∅), and the mean OM concentration was much higher in pellet (0.69% for C and 0.06% for N) than in ambient sediment (0.46% for C and 0.05% for N). Since an organism cannot produce more organic matter than it ingests, production of organically enriched pellets by this species indicates selective ingestion. The overall OM transport rate was 0.7 g C m-2 day-1 in carbon and 0.06 g N m-2 day-1 in nitrogen, respectively. The daily PP was much higher in high OM treatment than that of low OM treatment with mean values of 0.007 and 0.002 g ind.-1 h-1, respectively. It is expected that Perinereis feeding activity strongly depended on OM concentrations. The overall sediment reworking rate based on the pellet production was much higher in high OM concentration (0.005 mm day-1) than in low OM (0.001 mm day-1) concentration.
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The EGU General Assembly 2020, 2020
European Geosciences Union
European Geosciences Union
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benthic ecology,bioturbation,remote sensing,저서생태학,생물교란,원격탐사

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